Netflix: Subscriber numbers could collapse by the end of the year –

It’s no secret that Netflix is ​​finding it increasingly difficult to gain new subscribers. The streaming platform has lost 200,000 users at the beginning of the year and nearly a million more in the second quarter, but The worst is yet to come site survey results

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Lots of subscribers out?

O a quarter of American respondents they said they want leave the platform by the end of 2022solution, which for two-thirds of them would involve high subscription cost.

In France, several consecutive price increases were recorded: in August 2015, October 2017, June 2019 and October 2021. As a result, the growth was 12.5% ​​on the proposal Significant and even 50% on packages Standard as well as Premium.

To make a difference, the platform plans to launch a new ad-supported formula that is more accessible and should theoretically attract new users. On the other hand, don’t expect the prices of classic formulas to drop.

Other reasons cited include the lack of specific programs and general inflation-driven growth, which means compromises have to be made. Competition from other platforms is also part of the lot, it must be said that there are many services. There is a choice between Disney+, Prime Video, OCS or myCANAL…

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