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Every week, it’s the same ritual: the editorial staff of recommends some of their favorite series and films from the Netflix catalog. The directory of the streaming subscription (SVoD) is inexhaustible, or almost, and you would be wrong to do without.

This Tuesday, Vertigo and Lastman are in the spotlight and here’s why we recommend these two programs showing on Netflix.

What movies and series to watch or rewatch Tuesday night on Netflix?

A reference film: Vertigo

The synopsis of the film

Scottie is a former police officer who has been afraid of heights from a chase on the rooftops of San Francisco. One of his colleagues died saving his life … Very marked by this event, he nevertheless agrees to become a detective on behalf of a friend, Gavin. His mission: to follow and report the slightest deeds and gestures of Madeleine, his wife …

Our opinion

We will not say more than necessary not to drain all the essence of this film considered, rightly, as one of the best in the history of cinema. Cold sweat, the title in French, does not do justice to the depth of the original title at all, Vertigo. Vertigo yes, but not just physical.

In this story at the frontiers of the thriller, upsetting the codes of the detective story, distorting the dimensions of reality while being firmly anchored there, playing, with sadistic pleasure, with the psychology of its two main characters, the vertigo is much more than a feeling. It is a being as much as a malaise: the dizziness of death, and the dizziness of love.

Released in 1958, its scary atmosphere is still devilishly effective. Its final touches the emotions of another cult film by the same director, Psychosis. Its colorful credits and graying photography, between two worlds, are fascinating.

It is the work, of course, of one of the greatest, Alfred Hitchcock, nicknamed “The Master of Suspense”, for his ability to take his audience’s breath away. But the excellence of Vertigo is also due to the performance, all in sensitivity, of the immense James Stewart.

Let us not forget either the interpretation, as intimate as expressionist, of Kim Novak, of which it was the first big role. A masterpiece, quite simply, and a film to see or re-watch as soon as possible.

  • Here is the trailer for this excellent feature film:

A very good animated series: Lastman

The synopsis of the series

An irresponsible boxer, Richard Aldana finds himself having to take care of young Siri, the daughter of his deceased best friend. Problem: the little one is hunted down by a sect of fanatics who see in her a key to open another world. As Aldana will quickly understand, the threat is anything but ordinary and without it Siri is lost.

Our opinion

Who says entertainment does not necessarily mean a program reserved for children. Lastman is the proof. The prequel to the eponymous comic, the series available on Netflix is ​​the work of Balak, co-author of the comic book, and Jérémie Perin.

On the program of show, 26 episodes of 13 minutes in which very different genres mix. There are many comic elements, codes of thriller, horror, fantasy … Not to mention the two pillars that will prevent you from looking Lastman in the family: violence and eroticism.

The creators of Crisis Jung, another animated series, didn’t skimp on crude language, explicit scenes and hemoglobin, integral parts of Aldana’s life. Nevertheless, the show knows how to use these springs to serve his purpose, explore his characters or advance the story.

It’s a generous series, which avoids unnecessary scenes and developments to focus on the essential. Over the course of the episodes, we quickly get attached to the characters and the many cliffhangers hang on. Lastman is a sort of UFO in the French series landscape and we cannot recommend you watch it too much.

  • Check out the series trailer below:

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