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This selection was updated on 10/15 with the series chosen in October 2021.

The best original movies, the best original series, the best movies of all time … let’s talk now about the best series available in the Netflix catalog, regardless of who produced them.

Summary :

Therefore, the following classification includes both Netflix originals and shows for which the Hastings firm has simply purchased the license rights to be able to offer them to its subscribers.

Therefore, the content that manages to make a place of choice in this ranking is particularly appreciated by the editorial team of , the specialized press and fans of television series. Also, if you feel like talking about these series, feel free to comment here or on the social media.

In October, The Lady’s Game and Narcos won on the editorial side. The media and viewers are praising Peaky Blinders and Breaking Bad.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, here is the methodology used:

  • In this selection, we choose a series with all subjectivity. This is an essential program according to the writing. For the other two, by not relying solely on our own feelings, we also rely on others to choose.

What are the best series to watch or watch again on Netflix? (October 2021)

1. One of the best series according to the writing

The Lady’s Game: the series that ticks all the boxes


The story of Elisabeth Harmon, a young orphan prodigy, on her quest to become the best chess player in the world. A journey full of pitfalls, which will force him to face his demons, his psychological problems and his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Our opinion on the series

Adapted from eponymous novel By Walter Tevis, The Queen’s Gambit (The Queen’s Gambit in original version) was one of Netflix’s latest event series, recently awarded several Emmy Awards.

A deserved success since the series manages to grab us and take us to a tasty trip in the little-known world of chess, ranging from thriller, political thriller, intimate drama, and even royal sports series !

A mix of tones and genres with beautiful decorations and period costumes, beautifully highlighted by an elegant and effective realization. A staging that has some brilliant visual ideas, in particular to energize chess and intelligently transcribe the entire mental process of the players.

Finally, it is difficult to recommend the series without mentioning its main interpreter, Anya Taylor-Joy. The actress is a true revelation, and Lady’s Game gets much of her cred from her manned performance. Cheer up: the series is a favorite of the CNET newsroom!

  • Check out the trailer below:

2. Another premium series

Narcos: eye powders


In the late 1970s, the Medellín cartel was at its peak. More powerful than ever, Pablo Escobar and his associates make millions of dollars thanks to the lucrative cocaine trade. But Colombia and the United States decide to start the fight to stop drug traffickers.

Steve Murphy, a young DEA agent, is dispatched to the scene and joins Javier Peña. Together, they will have the arduous task of overthrowing Escobar, despite the police and political corruption that plagues Colombia. Escobar is well protected and they are not at the end of their problems to be successful in their mission.

Our opinion on the series

You’ve surely heard of the infamous Pablo Escobar before. But do you really know him? Without being a documentary, Narcos allows us to learn more about the drug trafficker, his acolytes and those who did everything possible to stop him.

The series also allows us to realize the considerable influence of the Medellín cartel at that time, financially, but also politically. She insists on the running of Escobar’s criminal organization, an ambitious, dangerous and intelligent man willing to do anything to achieve his ends. He is always one step ahead and his plans often defeat his enemies.

That’s not all, Narcos also shows the other side of the scene of this man, better known for his abuse. He is also a loving husband and father, close to his family. Otherwise, the series is hooked from the first episode. The viewer is at the center of the investigation because they have access to the thoughts of integrator Steve Murphy. The American forms a nice duet with Javier Peña, a less academic policeman who is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

The interpretation of the different actors is impeccable and the immersion in the Colombia of the time very successful. The story is also embellished with archival footage, giving it an unpleasant documentary look. All three seasons are very well done and Narcos remains, even today, one of our favorite series on Netflix.

  • Discover a sample of the show:

3. The best series of press reviews

Peaky Blinders: the blade in the eye


Birmingham, 1919. Freshly returned from the Great War, the Shelby brothers are back at the head of the Peaky Blinders gang. Organized crime, illegal gambling, smuggling, violence … will stop at nothing to enrich themselves and strengthen their dominance over one of the poorest cities in the UK. However, they must also be on their guard … the police are on the lookout, like other more insidious threats.

Our opinion on the series

One of our favorite series. Peaky Blinders is a show like no other. First good point, and not least, the atmosphere. Birmingham, a working-class city par excellence, faithfully reproduces its filthy atmosphere, its gray, the idleness of its inhabitants still marked by the losses of the First World War. We believe it.

The heroes, a member of the Shelby brothers and the local Peaky Blinders gang, are very charismatic. All dressed in tweed, stylized in the fashion of the time, never without a cigarette in the mouth, all are more real than life. The emphasis on carving with a knife goes a long way as well and contributes to the allure that the show exudes.

The setting is very good, even if it diminishes a bit in intensity in recent seasons, and the performance is orderly. As Tommy Shelby, the leader of the band, Cillian Murphy excels. Tortured, charismatic, scheming, he delivers a high-level performance. The others, his brothers at the helm, are not left out either.

It didn’t take long for Peaky Blinders to establish itself as a benchmark and it’s no wonder. Captivating, suspenseful and carried by a particularly successful soundtrack, the series has little to envy the other works in this selection.

  • Here’s an excerpt from the first season:

4. The best series according to viewers

Breaking Bad: Divin Chauve


A high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, is forced to sweat blood and water to support his family. When he is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he decides to radically change course to save his pregnant wife Skyler and their son Walt.

Walter puts his expertise in chemistry at the service of making crystalline methamphetamine, a very popular drug among addicts. With his partner Jessie, a former student who became a small-scale merchant, they then embark on the drug trade, not imagining all the trouble and confusion that await them.

Our opinion on the series

9,275 is the average obtained by Breaking Bad. Unheard of in our monthly selections of must-see series and movies. Well deserved. For many stunts and fans of the series, Vince Gilligan’s creation is simply the best ever. You can honestly claim that title, even though the competition is stiff.

Breaking Bad takes a bit of time to get started, but you have to persist because you won’t be disappointed by the ride. If Gilligan were a conductor, he would deliver his masterpiece here, an almost perfect score. It’s all there: a very accomplished setting, fascinating characters, suspense, tension, and actors at the top of their game.

As Walter, Bryan Cranston is simply perfect and his character’s evolution over the seasons is a bluff. In short, you’ll understand that Breaking Bad is as pure as the crystal meth invented by the converted chemistry professor. It is a reference series to watch without hesitation.

  • Take a look at the trailer for the first season:

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