Netflix: three great series and recent films that have more than deserved their success

Weekend rhymes with Netflix, and you want to relax in front of a good series or a quality film? This article is made for you. As every week, the editorial team selects three quality programs from the catalog of the subscription streaming platform (SVoD). This time, our choice fell on recent contents which received an excellent critical reception of the spectators and the specialized press.

Here are three original nuggets available on Netflix. They are excellent and should not be difficult to seduce you if you decide to give them a chance this weekend.

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What new quality series and movies to watch on Netflix this weekend?

A very good science fiction series: Altered Carbon 8.1/ 10

The synopsis

In the distant future, science has advanced considerably and humans are capable of unprecedented technological prowess. Human consciousness can now be digitized and stored in “memory chips”. In the event of premature death, it suffices to extract this chip from the cervical cortex and insert it into another body to reincarnate.

Dead and kept in the ice for a long time, former elite soldier Takeshi Kovacs is brought out of his sleep by Laurens Bancroft, a wealthy businessman. His mission, if he accepts it? To elucidate a somewhat particular murder, since it is that of Bancroft himself. Resurrected since, the tycoon has no memory of the event. If he wants to regain his freedom, Kovacs will have to move heaven and earth to discover the truth.

Let’s also note season 2 has just been released on Netflix (February 27). In this sequel, Kovacs has spent several decades searching for his love of yesteryear, without success. He returns to Harlan, his home planet, where he is hired by one of the local political leaders who fears being murdered. Unwittingly, the hero finds himself once again at the center of a political plot and he will have to fight not to lose too many feathers.

‘s opinion

If you are a fan of science fiction, cyber punk and a well-rounded police intrigue, Altered Carbon should please you. Otherwise, give it a chance anyway, you might be pleasantly surprised. The post-apocalyptic and futuristic universe is convincing, like the performance of Joel Kinnaman (Takeshi Kovacs), already excellent in The killing. However, the actor did not escape the fire of certain critics for his play considered “caricatural” by a minimal portion of the spectators. Often excessive criticisms and not always justified in our eyes.

Another positive point is the generally well-crafted scenario. The investigation is full of twists and turns (some more credible than others, anyway …) and manages to keep going until the final outcome. Not everything is perfect either: there are some gaps, lengths and some sharp minds will probably not have much trouble guessing the end. Some will also find that violence and sex may have a little too dominant place in its plot too … But that does not prevent Altered Carbon to be part of our safe havens on Netflix. The show has good arguments to make and could well be your favorite of the weekend.

  • Watch the trailer for this great series:

A very good sports series: Formula 1: drivers of their destiny 8.6/ 10

The synopsis

A documentary series to follow the Formula 1 season from the inside, literally and figuratively. For the first time, the spectator is immersed in the cockpits, the paddocks, but also in the daily life of the pilots. Formula 1: drivers of their destiny offers a new perspective on this sport and its backstage, largely unknown to the public.

‘s opinion

Whether you love F1 or not, Formula 1: drivers of their destiny, is a series to see without hesitation. Its greatest merit? Succeed in making exciting a sport that is not necessarily so for the uninitiated. By showing behind the scenes and the amazing backstage of the Formula 1 season, it captivates without problem, even the most resistant to motor sport.

The production is excellent, the images are beautiful, but also exclusive and varied. The documentary shows pilots more out of their seats than behind the wheel. Rivalries, tensions, anxieties, pressure … it quickly becomes thrilling by showing that F1 is also a very human discipline. Everything quickly takes on the appearance of reality TV where the various players in this sport are intelligently highlighted. There is suspense, twists and turns and we get caught up very quickly, to the point of finding the first season of ten episodes too short. Fortunately, the second has just landed on Netflix. We warmly recommend that you give this very good series a chance.

  • Discover a trailer of this excellent documentary:

A film to watch this weekend: Les deux Papes 7.6/ 10

The synopsis

Inspired by real events, this feature film tells of the complicated friendship of two heavyweights of the Catholic Church: Pope Benedict XVI and the one who will become Pope Francis by taking over. Disappointed by the direction the pontificate took, Francis, then “only” Cardinal Bergoglio, asked for permission to resign from his position of responsibility.

Benedict XVI summons him to the Vatican and reveals that he plans to retire soon. Between the walls of his palace in the city-state, the two men weave links and confront two often opposing visions of the future of the Catholic Church (1.3 billion faithful worldwide).

‘s opinion

An amazing film that changes the usual standards of Netflix productions. The two Popes relates the ideological and theological confrontation of a Pope just before his renunciation and of the one who will become his successor. As such, his main interest lies in the conversations of the two men. The dialogues are intelligent, subtle and perfectly illustrate the power games at work in the Vatican. Without the thickness they give to the two main characters, the feature film should no doubt have been content to be banal. Fortunately, it does much better than that.

The two Popes also captivates because they show behind the scenes of the Vatican through two key figures of the Catholic Church in the 21st century. His script holds water and his achievement, without really standing out, is satisfactory. We also salute the XXL performances of Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Price who excel and carry the film on their shoulders. The numbers flashbacks and the archive images also bring a lot and finish making us have a good time in front of this complex, but accomplished work.

  • Here is the trailer for Two Popes, to make up your own mind:


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