Netflix to cancel ‘Resident Evil’ after season 1

A new Netflix series based on the Resident Evil video game franchise released earlier this summer has reportedly already been canceled after just one season.

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It is in the article published by Deadline that we learn the news, although it is not all that surprising. In this article, we learn that Netflix will not be renewing its adaptation of Resident Evil, Capcom’s popular franchise that only released its first season on July 14th. Although the series debuted in the top 10 most streamed content on Netflix, interest quickly faded. The series also received very poor reviews from the public and professionals in the field.

Information about the first season

The Netflix series Resident Evil tells an original story based on Albert Wesker and his two daughters, Jade and Billy Wesker. This is a series that takes place in two stages as we move from the present into the future to follow the story of two young girls and New Raccoon City, an idyllic town built after the destruction of Raccoon City. Currently, Umbrella is up to some very bad things, and in the future, the world will be destroyed by the T-virus and filled with zombies.

The series is not an adaptation of any particular Resident Evil game, but iconic characters and monsters from the franchise still appear in it. On the side of the characters, we can meet, of course, Albert Wesker, as well as Lisa Trevor and the man with the chainsaw. As for the monsters, we can recognize slimes, a giant alligator, and a dog infected with the T-virus, like in the first film starring Milla Jovovich.

If you still haven’t watched the show, here’s our serious review where we gave it a 4/10 (poor) rating that might help you make your final decision.

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