Netflix: Truffaut, Chabrol, Demy … a partnership with Mk2 and lots of classics for the platform

Finding great repertoire movies on subscription streaming platforms (SVoD) is not the easiest thing. The recent blockbusters are legion, the “old” classics of cinema, much less. To remedy this, Netflix, the industry leader, has decided to look into the subject.

Result: the Reed Hastings firm has, according to information from the Parisian, signed an agreement with the French distributor Mk2. Good news for purists and other fans of the best of cinema in recent decades. From Friday and Saturday, twelve films by François Truffaut will be added to the platform’s catalog. Other works by equally iconic directors should follow next.

Abundant classics

So, “The 400 moves“,”Shoot the pianist“,”Jules and Jim“,” Stolen kisses “,”Fahrenheit 451“, “Love on the run“and”The last metro“with Gérard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve would arrive at the weekend, April 24 and 25.

Later in the year, other big names in the seventh art would complete the picture with some of their feature films. These would include Jacques Demy, Claude Chabrol, Charlie Chaplin, David Lynch, Krzysztof Kieslowski or even Xavier Dolan. Very beautiful people therefore and long hours of viewing to plan to see or review these reference films.

Find the Netflix catalog with the news for this month of April 2020:

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