Netflix wants to emulate Apple Arcade and launch subscription video game service

Netflix wants to launch a subscription video game service similar to Apple Arcade, according to the online daily The Information. The American audiovisual streaming specialist wants to develop a dedicated division and is looking for the right person to lead this team. Remember that Apple Arcade provides access to a hundred games for the modest sum of 5 euros per month.

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Netflix did not create the business model of audiovisual by subscription. But the world leader in film, series and documentary streaming has largely contributed to its democratization. Since then, others have copied its economic model to market audiovisual services (Disney +, Apple TV +, Amazon Prime Video, CanalPlay, HBO Max, etc.) or other types of content.

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We are thinking in particular of video games, with initiatives such as the Xbox Game Pass (including xCloud in its Ultimate version), Google Stadia, Ubi +, EA Play or PlayStation Now to name just the main ones. Whether in games, applications, music or even the press, when a company launches a subscription offer, it claims to have the ambition to become the ” Netflix in its market “. It is inspired by Netflix. And soon, Netflix will be inspired by her.

Netflix is ​​looking for a director for its video game division

The online daily The Information published an article on a project launched at Netflix which should be the next growth driver for the streaming specialist. This project: launch a subscription video game offer, similar to Xbox Game Pass, Stadia or Apple Arcade. The idea is the same: a monthly subscription to access a game catalog. Netflix has reportedly started looking for a manager for the new division of the company which will be responsible for piloting the project and growing the catalog.

Little information has been released about the service itself. Will it be a service in streaming, like Stadia, or in download like Apple Arcade? Will there be exclusives (the opposite would be surprising)? Will there be adaptations famous platform series, like Stranger Things? Will there be “AAA” games (big productions) or only independent games? What are the Operating systems which will be compatible (iOS, Android, Windows 10)? And of course what will be the price ? The only detail unveiled by The Information, this service does not rely on advertising to be funded. At the same time, the opposite would have been surprising …

The Information

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