Netflix’s hottest reality show just returned – and it’s already in the top 10

Netflix has a number of popular reality shows, from Love Is Blind to Too Hot to Handle, but not all of its reality shows revolve around single people dating under some contrived circumstances. For example, Gone with the Wind, which just returned with its third season.

Blown Away is a reality show where glassblowers compete against each other to create the most impressive glass creations. The show’s third season just debuted on Netflix last week (Friday, July 22) and it’s already made it straight into the list of most watched streamers.

The show currently sits at number seven, ahead of similar reality show Married at First Sight and the popular superhero show The Umbrella Academy – not bad for a show about the niche glassblowing profession.

What is Gone with the Wind about?

Styled after popular reality shows such as Project Runway and Top Chef, Blown Away brings together talented glass blowers and commissions them to create glass art based on a specific theme. After their masterpieces are completed, they are judged by an expert, and at the end of each episode, one artist is sent home.

The disadvantage is that the participant must create their glass art work not only according to the theme, but also under severe time constraints. Time constraints are far from ideal because working with heated glass usually requires a lot of patience and precision.

The heat is another factor that adds to the dramatic tension. The show’s custom-built studio, or hot shop as the glassblowers call it, gets extremely hot as contestants work in temperatures that reach 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

What do critics say about Blown Away?

The first season of Blown Away was well received by critics, with a score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. (will open in a new tab). Although the show’s audience score is quite disappointing at just 30%, which suggests that some viewers consider the show to be nothing more than chit-chat.

Mark Silver of the Washington Post (will open in a new tab) was enthusiastic about the show, saying “There is no bloat or stuffing. That’s why I, to borrow one of the many, many glass-related puns from host Nick Uhas, was blown away by Blown Away.”

The high level of skill displayed by competing glaziers is also regularly praised. Sydney Morning Herald (will open in a new tab)Brad Newsom stated, “There’s nothing better than a reality show where the contestants are real adults with extraordinary powers.”

Should you stream Blown Away?

If you’re looking for a reality show that doesn’t revolve around attractive loners meeting up with some outlandish twist, then Gone with the Wind might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Its basic premise is a bit repetitive, but the craftsmanship on display is truly impressive and it’s always great to see what wonderful creations the contestants make by the end of the allotted time. All in all, Blown Away is a simple watch that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, each episode is only 30 minutes long, so you may find that three 10-episode seasons will take you through surprisingly quickly.

While the show’s surprisingly low audience ratings may be a little off-putting, the fact that it’s just launched its third season and is already in the Netflix top 10 should tell you that it clearly has a dedicated audience. So, we would say that Blown Away is definitely worth a try if the idea interests you.

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