New 512GB and 1TB Sabrent CFexpress Type B Memory Cards Launched

This week, Sabrent released the new 512GB and 1TB CFexpress Type B memory cards with read/write speeds up to 1700/1500MB/s; up to 1600/400 MB/s with x2 PCIe 3.0 interface, CFexpress form factor, power consumption up to 3W.

The new CFexpress Type B memory cards provide high capture reliability with LDPC, RAID ECC, endtoend data protection, SmartRefresh, static and dynamic wear leveling, defect management, and overprovisioning. Offering TRIM, SMART, TCG OPAL/Pyrite support and upgradable firmware.

CFexpress type B memory cards

Features of the new Sabrent CFexpress Type B memory cards include continuous shooting anywhere, fast data transfer, reliability and more.

“Don’t let slow media hold you back. Sabrent CFexpress Type B cards are designed for professional use in challenging environments, from onceinalifetime events to scenic landscapes in harsh environments around the world. Don’t let your memory card slow you down: fast read and write speed means more time to shoot and less time to transfer.

Good things come in small packages: More storage in less space means you can wear all your creations at the same time. Don’t miss the perfect shot – don’t change your memory card while shooting. Our roomy options ensure there’s always more room when you need it. With a variety of advanced flash management techniques, including LDPC and RAID error correction, endtoend data protection, wear leveling, defect management and redundancy, Sabrent CFexpress cards are built to last for years to keep your content safe.

Your photos and videos should capture something special and be remembered for a lifetime. Our memory cards help you achieve this with reliability and peace of mind. Follow your vision with one less worry.”

Source: Sabrent

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