new bag campaign for spring 2021 – Le Grand Plateau

Gucci continues to surprise. A few days ago, the official Instagram account showed the first hints of another brilliant PR stunt: actor and host James Gordon will host the beloved Gucci talk show. Stop. Are we dreaming? A talk show about an American model from the Gucci Late Show? It’s all true, and the best is yet to come.

This is the Gucci Beloved Talk Show advertising campaign dedicated to the bags adored by Alessandro Michele: “I love, I love my bags. Maybe they will forever remain my biggest love, my favorite accessory. Therefore, it was natural for me to call some of my creations “favorites”. He could only leave them a place of honor: in the spotlight of the most popular, glamorous, 100% Gucci talk show.

Dakota Johnson on Gucci Beloved

Created by Harmony Korine under the artistic direction of Christopher Simmonds, the campaign consists of recordings and brief encounters with the brand’s most popular bags and characters from the Gucci family. It’s hard to decide which gets more attention: Borsa Dyonisos or actress Dakota Johnson, Jackie 1961 in leather or singer Harry Styles in fur, GG Marmont or champion Serena Williams?

In a series of well-recognized humorous pills, James Gordon greets his guests in a different suit each time: dark green for rapper Aquafina and her white GG Marmont, blue and red for actress Diane Keaton with her 1955 Gucci Horsebit. as a reference Aesthetics of the 70s.

Serena Williams in the Gucci Beloved show

Alessandro Michele says he wants to “tell about a beloved concept in an ironic way, inspired by the fact that bags play such a huge role in my life and in the lives of many other people. “Actually, Gucci bags have personalities and names. this made them famous, as did the Jackie 1961, which went down in history as Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ favorite bag.
Or Dionysus, referring to the Greek god Dionysus: the two-headed tiger is a reference to the mythological episode according to which the deity had to cross the Tigris on a tiger provided by his father Zeus.

Bags with such a strong character need a stage to shine. Super glamorous talk show – that’s it. Hat.

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