New Caledonia: Tchia, the first video game in Kanak, will be available in February 2023.

The work of the Awaceb studio, consisting of 5 Caledonians, Tchia, a game whose dialogues were created in drachu and French, required 4 years of work. This Wednesday, September 7, a meeting between the creators and residents of Drehu, the administrative and ordinary authorities, and schoolchildren from the island of Lifou, allowed 80 young people to get acquainted with the work done for Chia. On this occasion, the children could take part in an extensive painting workshop with the aim of creating a mural inspired by the software, which will then be moved during another presentation of the game planned in Noumea.

Into the microphone of our colleagues at CALEDONIA, Philippe Crifo, Studio Director of Awaceb, describes the video game that the Drehu kids were proud of during the presentation: explore freely, discover things, find treasures, hidden places… But this is also a story, Chia, in the beginning, life on a small isolated island, and soon someone will arrive and change her daily life, by kidnapping her father, she will go on an adventure, to find him, and then go on a great adventure through the four corners of the archipelago, where she will go on a boat trip, meet people who will help her (…) find her father.”

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The game will be available for download from February 2023 on Playstation 4 and 5, but the developers report that it will later be ported to other media.

Damien Chaillot

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