New calendar, change of age: who can now be vaccinated in France?

PRIORITY. About four million more French people are eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine this Saturday. Who can be vaccinated now? Here’s what you need to know after setting up a new schedule.

Under 50 years of age with underlying medical conditions, over 60 years of age without pathology, pfizer or AstraZeneca, at a vaccination center or at your doctor … It is difficult to navigate a vaccination campaign. Moreover, from this Saturday the rules are changing again. Injections are open to all French adults. “fragile”, or about four million people according to government figures. In addition, nearly 4.5 million French people who are eligible for vaccination have yet to vaccinate. LCI is evaluating the audience now eligible for the precious serum injection.

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60 years and older

All French people over 60 years of age can be vaccinated at a vaccination center or in the city, regardless of their place of residence and health status. 60% of people in this category of the population have already received at least one dose.

55-59 years old

All people in this age group are eligible for vaccination in the city (by doctor, pharmacist or nurse) with AstraZeneca or Janssen vaccines.

People at very high risk of developing severe Covid are eligible for Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccinations at a vaccination center. These are mainly cancer patients undergoing treatment, dialysis patients, organ or stem cell transplant recipients, and people with Down syndrome.

Time slots at vaccination centers are reserved mainly for people aged 55-59 who are highly susceptible to Covid-19 by profession (teachers, childcare professionals, police officers, gendarmes and prison guards, bus drivers, truck drivers and cashiers) … The Ministry of Transport Company announced on Friday that air transport flight attendants will be added to the list.

50-55 years old

Until age 55, only Pfizer and Moderna vaccines can be used, AstraZeneca and Janssen are not recommended due to the rare risk of serious side effects. Note, however, that Olivier Veran approached the Higher Administration of Health (HAS) on Friday to look into allowing all volunteers, regardless of age, to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine by signing a disclaimer.

Between the ages of 50 and 55, only people with high-risk conditions or certain chronic conditions (also called comorbidities) can receive an injection of the Covid vaccine. These are mainly cardiovascular diseases (complicated by high blood pressure, history of stroke or heart surgery, heart failure), diabetes, respiratory diseases and cancer. This category also includes patients with chronic kidney and liver diseases, people with weakened immunity, obesity or mental disorders, dementia and neurological pathologies (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, etc.).

In a few days, flight personnel who might fly to countries with alarming options will also be vaccinated. The rest of the French in this age group, without exception, will be able to get vaccinated from May 15th.

18-49 years old

Adults between the ages of 18 and 49 do not yet have access to vaccination, except in some specific cases (high-risk pathologies, relatives of immunocompromised people and pregnant women from the second trimester of pregnancy). Starting this Saturday, all patients with underlying medical conditions such as obesity are also eligible.

In the Overseas Territories, different rules apply as now anyone over the age of 18 can receive a serum injection in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana. In Mayotte, the threshold has even been lowered to 16 years.

All other French adults have “Sign up for vaccination June 15”– said Emmanuel Macron.

Under 18

Minors have not been the subject of official vaccination announcements. Clinical trials are currently underway to validate the effectiveness and safety of Covid vaccines for this young audience. However, Alain Fischer, president of the Council for Strategic Guidance on Vaccination, has estimated on several occasions that it will probably be necessary to vaccinate children in order to reach the threshold of 75% of the total vaccinated population and therefore group immunity. …

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