New characters come to Samurai Warriors 5

The four new heroes in question are Sandayû Momochi, expert in kusarigama and leader of the Ninjas Iga; Hattori Hanzô, master of the ninja sword well known to lovers of feudal Japan; Magoichi Saika, a professional mercenary who points his gun as soon as the tea towel burns, and finally Yasuke, samurai in the service of Nobunaga. Regarding the “Demon King”, Omega Force has confirmed that an adult version of the famous warlord will also be playable – a remark that also applies to his servant, Mistuhide Akechi.

On the bonus side, two special editions exclusively available on the Koei Tecmo online store are on the program. The Treasure Box will include the game’s soundtrack, an art book, a selection of postcards and a fabric poster in addition to the game copy, all in a collector’s box. The Collector’s Edition will include all the content present in the Treasure Box, with the added bonus of a mini set of acrylic supports presenting the characters of this beat’em up.

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