New crypto project Lenny Face Coin

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have been very popular, the best known of which is Bitcoin. It is a solution to considerably optimize a financial investment. Many investors use cryptocurrencies in trading markets. Fully aware of all the advantages of these, Polynesian economists residing in Canada will create a new cryptocurrency.

Crowds of assets

Many investors are fully aware of the multiple benefits of cryptocurrencies, despite the presence of volatility. According to Gaétan Bisson, a research professor of mathematics at the University of French Polynesia, each cryptocurrency, whatever its capitalization, is very volatile. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that it is not supported by the economy or the value of a metal. It is not even tied to speculation or specific prices. In this way, cryptocurrencies can go up and down in price dramatically. In other words, they can realize a great loss while promoting good fortune. This is the credo of the crypto sector: volatility.

However, despite constant fluctuations, cryptocurrencies show continuous progression. In fact, Gaétan Bisson claims that cryptos allow the general public to easily access the list of accounts and money. It is entirely possible to use a pseudonym. However, identifying the account holder is not difficult thanks to Blockchain.

Lenny Face Coin Crypto Project

Thanks to the many advantages of cryptocurrencies, Polynesian economists residing in Canada want to take advantage of them. This is the reason why they will generate their own cryptocurrency. In principle, this project will be carried out in a month. The new cryptocurrency created will be called Lenny Face Coin. This is a project that highlights one character, Lenny. Its history continues to be particularly enriched by being a community of artists that will come together.

A project with great ambitions

This new cryptocurrency is the work of specialists in economics and new technologies. Therefore, there is nothing to fear a priori with respect to their performance. The creators of the Lenny Face Coin project is to fund all crypto initiatives located in French Polynesia. In the same context, Jérôme Pansi, co-founder of the Lenny Face Coin project, and Arii Sichoix want to ensure the development of payment for services in Polynesia through cryptocurrencies.

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