New delay for SLS rocket launch to the Moon

Bis repeated. Less than a week after the first launch cancellation, which was due to take place on August 29, 2022, the second attempt, scheduled for this Saturday, September 3 at 20:17 French capital time, has been cancelled. A fuel leak again caused this delay, announced by NASA just under three hours before the fateful hour. The decision seemed inevitable, the technicians tried several times without success – up to 3 times in a row! – eliminate the leakage of supercold liquid hydrogen when filling the tank.

“Flying into space and to the moon is not yet a trivial act”

Disappointing with this new report? Without a doubt. But it is also a space industry classic. “Accepting uncertainty, recognizing risk and avoiding it, shooting at the right time and when conditions permit: yes, the two delays leave us with an increasingly unbearable expectation, but this is what is the beginning of Artemis, the flight into space and to the moon. not yet a trivial act,” Alban Gaiomarch comments on Science et Avenir: space law specialist, coordinator of the “Objectif Lune” white paper for ANRT (National Association for Research and Technology) was supposed to be with us live on the twitch; we will find it soon, on a new date that NASA will choose for this takeoff.

After Tuesday, the launch is not possible until September 19.

Officially, this is not yet known. But a new attempt could take place on Monday or Tuesday. The fact remains that the US space agency will have to analyze all parameters before deciding on a new launch window. And if the Tuesday slot is skipped, there will be no other launch opportunities until September 19 due to the position of the Earth and Moon.

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