New eco: Amiens cryptocurrency ‘miner’ wants to make it a ‘greener’ practice

When you walk into a room where nine computers are hard at work mining cryptocurrencies, the temperature goes up a notch. I must say that machines equipped with super-powerful video cards get very hot! This is the whole point of the project by Julien Decouture, a native of Amiens who mainly specializes in photovoltaic panels. With electricity generated by its panels and heat recovery from its machines, it aims to heat homes, offices or even municipal swimming pools. According to him, a virtuous cycle for the environment.

“The problem now is that banks are cataloging us as cryptocurrencies and it is very difficult to find investors when it was originally a real environmental project. Cryptocurrencies are not what we want to promote,” Julien Decouture explains.

📻 Listen again to the interview with Julien Decouture, crypto “miner” at France Bleu Picardie

Nine computers “at work” in the premises of Julien Decouture’s company in Amiens. © Radio France
Bastien Thomas
At any time of the day, Julien and his team carefully study the prices of cryptocurrencies.At any time of the day, Julien and his team carefully study the prices of cryptocurrencies. © Radio France
Bastien Thomas

What is cryptocurrency mining?

This is not about pulling out a pickaxe, but about verifying financial transactions online, through digital wallets and new currencies like bitcoin. Like a bank, the miner verifies the transaction and refunds each time it checks, which is a bit like when we pay the merchant with our credit card.

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