New features and improvements in the Windows OneNote app

This week, Microsoft detailed the new features and improvements you can expect in the latest Windows OneNote app, which has been updated to make the app “familiar and modern,” says Microsoft. “Under the hood, we’re improving almost every step of your notetaking workflow to help you: focus on your content, capture naturally with voice, handwriting, camera, and AI, organize pages the way you want, and share your notes. with clarity.”

Update the OneNote app on Windows

“Based on last year’s feed update, the new visual update is rolling out to navigation panes and fullscreen. The page list, section tabs, and notebook dropdown list have been visually updated. OneNote will look the same when compared to your other modern apps.

Subtle touches let you personalize your experience, like the Mica effect, which incorporates a Windows 11 theme and desktop wallpaper into the app window. We were obsessed with every rounded corner and animation to take the app to the next level.”

“Functionally, we have updated the way we display pages with unread changes. The new unread indicator makes it easy to see which pages and sections have unread changes, with a similar design to other areas of Office. With an additional simplified ribbon, you can create more screen real estate for your content while maintaining quick access to commonly used features.

This strikes the perfect balance between using the classic full height tape and hiding it completely. In addition to having more screen real estate, you’ll also have more time to focus because OneNote can update to the latest features while you’re away. The ability to update while locked from Office downloads and installs updates when your device is locked.”

Shoot naturally with voice, handwriting, camera, and AI

“OneNote gives you the freedom to work the way you want. Draw inspiration with ink, write down your thoughts from dictation, imagine better with your camera, and work smarter with new AI capabilities. The updated Drawing tab adds writing and drawing tools to OneNote that look and work just like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Ink to shape will convert your drawn shapes to their pixelated version.

The ruler measures and draws straight lines at any angle. Ink to text takes into account the size of your letter, so the converted text will be proportional to the font size. Digital inking has never been more natural and consistent. When drawing with Surface Slim Pen 2 on Surface Laptop Studio or Surface Pro 8, you’ll feel tactile cues as you write, simulating the feel of a pen on paper.”

Source: Microsoft

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