New fully self-contained storage system Modula/MiR

Modula, a manufacturer of storage solutions, and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), a developer of autonomous mobile robots (AMR), have developed a joint solution for storage, picking and automated handling. This saves time and space in warehouses, production centers or distribution sites, regardless of size, because the system is modular. This could provide a return on investment of 6 to 18 months, the two companies say. “By supporting repetitive, physically demanding and hazardous tasks, this system significantly improves working conditions in warehouses, factories and distribution centers,” comments Massimiliano Gigli, CEO of Modula. “In the face of labor shortages, companies looking to automate storage, picking and material handling can gain everything but increased productivity by providing their employees with more rewarded and safer working conditions.”

Full or partial automation as desired

The Modula/MiR solution offers various configurations for process control. With semi-automatic picking, the operator takes items from the Modula storage and places them on the MiR mobile robot, which independently transports them. In semi-automatic order picking, the operator selects several items and places them in a picking station that is moved by a robot. For fully automated picking, the MiR robot uses a robotic arm (cobot) that picks up items from storage and then transports them. For fully automated order picking, a custom top module robot picks baskets from or into the vertical lift module (VLM) tray without human intervention. Finally, for full automation of pallet handling, the MiR robot is specially equipped to pick up heavy and bulky items from VLM to pallets.


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