New graphics features for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC

From time to time, Sony shares PlayStation blockbuster games with PC. And in general, half the manufacturer does nothing! Marvel’s remastered of Spider-Man really promises to be a great vintage.

Spider-Man is spinning his web on Windows August 12, and he’s not kidding! Sony subsidiary Insomniac has revealed the specs for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, which was released two years ago on the PlayStation 5 and is itself a major update to the original game. The developers have spared no expense to impress PC gamers.

Ultra-wide monitor and frame rate boost

First up is support for ultra-wide screens ranging from 21:9 to 32:9, a format that isn’t common on the streets (we find Samsung’s Oddyssey Neo G9 on the shortlist, which costs over $2,000). . Insomniac also thought of all those who have three external monitors: the game will be compatible with multiple screens.

Graphically, this episode of Spider-Man benefits from ray tracing, with modes offering extra processing for reflections and shadows, contributing to an immersive experience that promises to be intense. The title also provides compatibility with DLSS technology, which improves real-time image quality and increases frame rates on PCs equipped with Nvidia cards.

To this is added DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing) by the same Nvidia, which makes the image even more realistic. To enjoy Marvel’s Spider-Man remastering, the minimum configuration is a PC with a Core i3-4160 processor, GeForce GTX 950 (or AMD equivalent) and 8GB of RAM. We’ll then get right to 720p at 30fps.

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PC required, game will be playable with keyboard and mouse, but you can also connect a DualSense controller with its tactile effects and adaptive triggers. Finally, trophy sync and online backup via the Epic Games Store and Steam are included.

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