New in the myCanal catalog series and movies to watch this month

After Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +, we will now compile a list of new products in the Canal + catalog each month. In February 2021, there are some nice arrivals to the catalog of the encrypted channel and its platform of streaming.

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As for films, The Case Richard Jewell, Birds of Prey, The Nest or Men in Black: International disembark. The series Paris Police 1900, Snowfall and New chicks will also be available. Without further ado, here are all the new programs compiled below.

What new movies and series to see on myCanal in February?

Series of the month: Paris Police 1900

Paris, 1899. An ambitious young police inspector leads the investigation to solve a sordid murder. What he doesn’t know is that his investigations will put him on the trail of a real state scandal. A threat hangs over the power in place and no one has the slightest idea.

But then what to do? Go until the end ? Give in to pressure and agree to drown the fish? Antoine Jouin will have to count on his rare allies to succeed in explaining the truth, without losing too many pens in the process.

A film to watch: The Richard Jewell Case

A new quality drama from Clint Eastwood. In 1996 in Atlanta, Richard Jewell was a member of the Olympic Games security team. One night, he discovers a bomb in the Centennial Park, warns the police and takes charge of the evacuation of the first passers-by.

Very quickly, the media get carried away and Richard becomes a hero in the eyes of all. But the dream quickly turns into a nightmare. The FBI suspects him of being the instigator of the foiled attack and he is now dragged through the mud. The film tells his story and the miscarriage of justice of which he was the victim.

  • Otherwise, here is the recap of all the news of the month:


  • Paris Police 1900 – February 08
  • Nine girls – February 15
  • Snowfall – February 25


  • The Richard Jewell Case – February 02
  • John Wick Parabellum – February 08
  • Cyrille, farmer, 30 years old, 20 cows, milk, butter, debts – February 09
  • The Nest – February 09
  • The exorcism of Hannah Grace – February 10
  • The art of lying – February 10
  • The champion’s challenge – February 11th
  • Men in Black: International : 12 February
  • The highway killer : February 15
  • Radioactive – February 16
  • The Perfect Candidate – February 18
  • According to Thomas – second wave – February 19
  • Miss bala – February 20
  • My glory days – the 21st of February
  • Judy – February 23
  • Bloodline – February 24

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