New LaCie Mobile Drive and Secure External Storage Starting at $75

LaCie introduced its new Mobile Drive and Mobile Drive Secure external storage solutions this week, announcing that Mobile Drive Secure is priced at $99.99 (2TB), $144.99 (4TB) and $164.99 (5TB) and the LaCie Mobile Drive is priced at $99.99 (2TB). $74.99 (1TB), $99.99 (2TB), $144.99 (4TB), and $164.99 (5TB).

The new external drives feature additional hardware encryption, including a lock/unlock feature in the LaCie Toolkit software. LaCie Mobile Drive Secure differs from LaCie Mobile Drive in that it provides users with an additional layer of security and data privacy. Both drives use USB 3.2 Gen 1 USBC technology and are compatible with USBC and USB 3.0 computers and tablets.

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“LaCie Mobile Drive is a simple yet outstanding product. This is a classic LaCie with noble materials, clean lines and a solid construction. Although the case is beautifully detailed, it is made from durable PCR materials,” said Neil Poulton, LaCie storage systems designer since 1992. “After nearly 30 years of continuous collaboration with LaCie, Mobile Drive reminds us of the excitement of launching a brand new design. Sometimes you come up with something right!”

“The drives provide up to 5TB of portable storage capacity and universal compatibility with PCs, Macs and iPad USBC. Oneclick automatic backup makes file storage smoother, while fast USBC file transfer at 130MB/s ensures uninterrupted operation. LaCie Mobile Drives come with LaCie Toolkit software for ondemand and scheduled backups, as well as a monthly Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan. With the included threeyear limited warranty and threeyear data recovery services, consumers can enjoy longterm peace of mind well protected against data loss and recovery costs.”

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