New Logitech G502 X mice: 30 grams less

Logitech announces that the G502 product line, proven over the years, will benefit from the upgrade. In the menu: new features, more ease and more settings.

The first model is the G502 X wired mouse. This model uses the new Logitech Lightforce hybrid opto-mechanical switches. Logitech claims that these switches combine “the benefits of optical switches with the actuating feel of mechanical switches that gamers love” to provide “fast speed, performance, and good reliability over the lifetime of the mouse.”

It’s worth noting that optical switches don’t suffer from the double-click issues that many Logitech models based on mechanical switches have. If the company manages to create an optical switch that truly matches the feel of mechanical options, that would be an impressive feat.

In addition to its new switches, the G502 X also includes a new reversible and detachable DPI button (shown in the top image). It takes the classic location of the DPI clutch button on the front of the mouse thumb rest and offers an extra level of customization for the ruler.

Logitech G502 X in black and white

The wired G502X is available in two colors. /Logitech

Finally, the wired version was upgraded with a “thin-walled exoskeleton for weight reduction and maximum rigidity”. This allowed the company to retain signature features such as the “ultra-fast infinite scroll” wheel while reducing the weight of the mouse to just 89 grams. While not exactly light weight, it is much lighter than the old G502s, which often weighed over 120 grams.

Logitech G502 X Lightspeed in black and white

G502 Lightspeed / Logitech

On the middle level we find the G502 X Lightspeed mouse. This mouse has the same features as the previous mouse. However, it uses Logitech’s patented Lightspeed wireless technology. The included battery and transmitter also add weight to nearly 100g.

Logitech G502 Plus in black and white

G502 Plus / Logitech

At the top of the new line is the G502 Plus mouse. Like Lightspeed, this model includes essentially the same feature set, but also adds a unique RGB lighting system that makes the inside of the mouse appear to be fully lit in the colors you choose. 8 RGB LEDs add just 6 grams to this model, bringing it to 106 grams.

All 3 models are now available for pre-order at Logitech’s online store. These three models should also be available soon in regular online stores and retail stores.

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