New Microsoft Outlook crash: what is known so far

Microsoft has warned users that they won’t be able to send, receive, or search for email on the service due to a “recent change.”

Microsoft acknowledged problems with the service on Tuesday and noted that users in North America and other “additional regions” have been affected. The issue itself is caused by an issue affecting the Microsoft infrastructure in North America. The company did not specify which additional regions were affected, but said in the update that the calendar application protocol interfaces used by Microsoft Teams and other services were also affected.

“Current Status: Users in additional regions outside of North America may experience residual impact due to affected portions of infrastructure in North America. We have begun to see gradual improvement in this issue for users located in some of the additional affected regions. We continue to perform targeted restart operations on primarily affected infrastructure in North America to restore service availability,” Microsoft said in a post on the service health page.

Serial failures

Microsoft’s @MSFT365Status Twitter account says that a “recent change” contributed to the disruption of the service. The company did not specify what kind of change it is.

“We have confirmed that the recent change has exacerbated the problem. We are working on solutions to restore service availability. See EX512238 or for more information.” He said.

“We’ve noticed a slight improvement in some environments. Alternatively, we’re investigating additional measures to speed up resolution.” More information can be obtained through EX512238 in the admin center or at,” the post later said.

The current outage follows a multi-hour global outage in late January that affected several Microsoft services including Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Graph, PowerBi, M365 Admin Portal, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft. Defender for Cloud Apps and Microsoft Defender for Identity.

The company said in a pre-review following the incident that “the change in the Microsoft Wide Area Network (WAN) has impacted internet-to-client connectivity to Azure, cross-region connectivity, and site-to-site connectivity via ExpressRoute. The failure occurred after a command given to one of his routers on the WAN caused him to send messages to all the other routers on the WAN to recalculate their IP address tables, which was not verified by engineers prior to deployment.

Microsoft plans to release a final review report following the January outage incident by mid-February.

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