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Netflix balances many movies and series in its catalog each week without being notified or officially announced by the platform. Ecran Large will review the news added by Netflix from December 24 to 30, and will review the movies and series in non-exhaustive lists.

What movies and series do you not miss this weekend on your streaming platform?

Don’t look up: denial of the universe

Available from December 24 Netflix-Period: 2 hours 22 minutes

What is he talking about? Two poor astronomers embark on a great media tour, warning humanity that the comet is heading towards Earth and trying to destroy it.

Why do we have to see it? In this super satirical comedy, Adam McKay, all the most achievable, conspiratorial and intrusive flashbacks to American society, in a fluid and playful way. Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial Feed on the absurdity of our modern world and explain it realistically. It can be horrible.

Here, the collective unconscious is not enough to return humans to earth, or even a meteorite, which, however, should agree on the need for everyone to act in unison, their false truth, their ambitions. vision of things. Can experts say the threat is imminent? The government encourages us to wait, as if it were a small scandal. Want to hear the scientists played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence on TV? We see them as animals in the living room. Are meteorites getting closer? The old man shoots him with a pistol. In short, don’t look up, it’s Dr. Foramore who is born in Armageddon as a young man of the 20th century, and it’s the end of the year on Netflix.

Our opinion don’t look up: cosmic denial

The silent sea

Available on Netflix from December 24, 2021-Period: 8/50 episodes

If you look at Bae Doona, you can see the sun without special glasses.

What is he talking about? During a dangerous 24-hour mission to the moon, space explorers attempt to retrieve samples from the former Top Secret research facility.

Why do we have to see it? If you are not intoxicated by the recent releases of the Korean series on Netflix, there you can mention Your name and the aesthetics of this black mafia, Hell And its neurosis or supernatural phenomenon of the squid, you will be happy to learn The Silent Sea Get to propose a science series fiction based on the film The Sea in Calm.

If the script is a classic sci-fi story (a deadly danger where a space mission fails and threatens the entire team), there are only Korean stars in the cast like Bae Doona (the host, Cloud Atlas), Gong Yoo (Last Train bound for Takeyama, Squid Game) Or Heo Sung Tae (Squid Game, Spy Age) .If such an actor is found (starting with two main roles), Heo Sung Tae and Gong Yoo are already working together so no there is doubt that chemistry has to come into play on screen. The era of espionage.

The Silent Sea could be another great Korean series that will captivate viewers in late 2021, especially after the end of last season’s good season. Lost in space, it may have left space mission enthusiasts and astronauts in an ocean of deathly silence in the face of their thirst for astronomy.

She likes this

Available on Netflix / Released in 2014-Period: 1 hour 44 minutes

Like us, Sandrine Ciberan, Laurent Lafitte fan.

What is he talking about? Muriel is a beautician. But above all, he’s a fan and it’s like a second job. She is the greatest adorer of Vincent Lacroix, a variety singer at the height of his career. Like all great stars, Vincent is far from the fans. Unless you have a very, very big favor …

Why do we have to see it? because she likes. Is this the kind of movie you like to play? At the same time, a pure letter of comedy and, at the same time, a playful thriller. The flexibility of this tone fails to perfect the film and makes it at least enough of a stimulus to entertain the viewer. Furthermore, this is the first feature film by actress Jeanne Helly, who has since produced the film. pupil and French adaptation for Artede Fleebag, jump ..

Other interests She likes It’s in this artist. Indeed, there is the Sandrine Kiberan Empire and the splendid Laurent Lafitte. Enough space for a generous, squeaky composition. Note also the presence of Pascal Demolon, Olivia Court and Benjamin Lavergne A person who finishes a fascinating casting.

Dark web without friends

Release 2021/2018 on Netflix-Period: 1 hour 32 minutes

Unfriended: Dark Web: Photos

Gen Z version of the Wija table?

What is he talking about? A young man finds a laptop and brings it home innocently. In the archive, you find an annoying hidden file in a hurry to show it to your friends on Skype. Unknowingly, everyone realizes that they are immersed in the dark web, that someone is watching them, and that this stranger is desperate to get his laptop back and keep his secrets. It will soon be discovered.

Why do we have to see it? The ubiquity of social media has become more common in recent years. The appearance of films that use the Internet and its variations as staging tools Authentic or even real characters, which is why, also recently, “found images” have been gradually replaced by this ScreenLife trend. Look, John Cho, or I don’t have any friends.

Well, we are talking about Saga, but there are only two movies, it is the second. Friendless: Dark Web, will land on Netflix. In the first movie, a group of high school students got together on Skype to have a ghostly conversation about a high school boy who committed suicide. So this sequel explores the larger world talking about the dark web to understand the parts of the internet accessible through tools like Tor and Riffle …

All the miserable fantasies found in twisted and violent scary movies, the movie focuses on file mining, and Stephen Sasco presents a slightly more sophisticated proposition than the original movie here, provides tools to make feature films be real. file discovery, and a slightly more obvious killer than the heart that lurks in Skype conversations).

Our opinion No friends: Dark web

Passed away in 2021

December 27, 2021 on Netflix-Period: 1 hour

What is he talking about? This fun retrospective combines archival footage and sketches to return to the moment of horror and (sometimes) fascination that marked 2021.

Why do we have to see it? Don’t Panic Died in 2021 A simulated documentary with an apparently parody purpose A kind of spiritual continuation Died in 2020, this fiction Characterized by catharsis in the last two years, all health policies and restrictions linked to the Covid pandemic -19. What do you laugh at those melancholic everyday things?

Are we really jeopardizing the heavy stuff? Probably. Is it a good surprise? Obviously, although the first part does not give us confidence. Either way, the intention is to file away, laugh, and heal a bit.

Please do not go

December 31 on Netflix-Duration: 8 episodes

Giant pillow with photo

When your past resurfaces …

What is he talking about? Each of the four keeps a dark secret for those close to him. Megan, three mothers. Ray, a once promising documentary photographer. Bloom, the police captain, could not leave behind an unsolved disappearance. And Lorraine, an old friend of Megan’s. What happens to your reaction when the past threatens to come back and bore you and ruin your lives and the lives of your loved ones?

Why do we have to see it? return Five When Safe, the writer Harlan Coben is back with a new series, this time from the contract with N Red Platform, he adapts his novel, which gives the series its name: Please Don’t Go. the past resurfaces and returns here, Characters tortured and wounds not closed.

Coven will once again be accompanied by Daniel O’Hara, who was already following him in his series. Sure Those who have already directed 5 of the 8 episodes of the Stranger series .. Here, the boy shares the staging of the series with Lindy Heymann. On the casting side, you’ll find Cush Jumbo Beautiful fight He played with Sarah Parish, Richard Armitage, and James Nesbitt. All overseen by the talented Harlan Coben. This series has something as amazing and fascinating as it promises.

but also…

Kitz, Completely Edge, Crime Scene: Times Square Killer, Ruri, Generation Story-Pape Francis, Hilda et Mountain King, Door to Summer, Girl in Yellow Jumper, Our Beloved Summer …

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