New NVIDIA Nsight and Nsight Graphics Systems Showcased at SIGGRAPH 2022

At SIGGRAPH 2022 this month, NVIDIA released new versions of its NVIDIA Nsight Systems and Nsight Graphics tools, as well as a handson “Using Nsight to optimize ray tracing applications.” During the event, NVIDIA announced the release and availability for download of the latest version 2022.3 of Nsight Systems, featuring enhanced support for the Vulkan API as well as improvements for users.

The latest NVIDIA Nsight systems now support Vulkan Video, a hardwareaccelerated video processing solution. In previous versions of Nsight Systems, the Vulkan Video workload was not defined as a subset of the larger queue team it occupied, but is now fully integrated in Nsight Systems 2022.3.


“With the new VK_KHR_graphics_pipeline_library extension, Vulkan applications can now precompile shaders and link them at runtime at a significantly lower cost. This is a critical feature for shaderheavy applications such as games, making its full support an interesting Nsight Systems 2022.3 release.

“Nsight Graphics GPU Trace is a detailed performance timeline that monitors GPU bandwidth, providing accurate profiling of hardware usage. To make it easier to develop graphics for all specifications, GPU Trace now supports tracing and analysis for OpenGL applications on Windows and Linux.”

“In version 2022.4, the API inspector has been redesigned. The new design includes improved display, search functionality in the API inspector pages, significantly improved constant buffer views, and data export for offline data saving and comparison. Check out all the new features and improved interface in this update demo video from the Nsight Graphics team.”

Source: NVIDIA

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