New partnership between PlayStation and Discord

PlayStation and Discord hand in hand

Rather than creating their own communication system (oops PlayStation Home) like others create their own streaming platform before shutting it down, PlayStation decided to form a partnership with one of the leaders in the field, Discord. The software that allows you to connect with friends and be part of diverse and diverse communities will arrive on PlayStation next year. In a blog post, Jim Ryan, CEO of SCE, does not indicate which consoles are affected. We imagine that it is therefore the PS4 and PS5 which are both capable of managing this program. Don’t hold your breath for the PS3 or the PS Vita. I think it’s safe to say it’s dead as they say. The PlayStation and Discord union will be consumed only on recent platforms.

You will therefore be able to find your friends directly in the console without going through a computer program. PlayStation has once again opted for simplicity and pragmatism. As if the evolution of a company like Apple gave them ideas. “Nothing is lost, nothing is created: everything is transformed” said Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier.

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