New PlayStation Store Summer Sale Deals

The PlayStation Store Summer Sale is gearing up to update the huge list of games that will be discounted for PS4 and PS5 fans.

It’s summer now, which means that online retailers have started offering massive discount sales on tons of games for digital consoles and PC. Sony has already jumped into the discount season with the PlayStation Plus Summer Sale, offering up to 75% off a roster including indie games and games developed by AAA.

Although these sales started on July 20th, it appears that this was only the first part of the PlayStation Plus Summer Sale. An update is coming to update the list of available titles. Therefore, some games will leave the event, which still makes more games available that were not included in the first set, which PlayStation already discounted to customers.

The second set of games is being updated today, August 3rd, and includes a new set of games and additions to the discount list, such as Horizon Zero Dawn and its sequel Horizon Forbidden West 2022. While PlayStation hasn’t announced exact pricing or titles, the discount range for the first round summer sale ranges from 25 to 75%. It is likely that some of the indie games will receive the biggest cuts. So fans should keep an eye out for games that are already selling for less than their AAA counterparts like Hades or Blue Fire.

This update means new games will go on sale and those currently on sale will be back to their original price today. In some cases, such as in the Kingdom Heart franchise, this simply means that individual games will no longer be discounted, but the Kingdom Heart All-In-One Bundle will still offer core elements of the series at a reduced price. In addition, some PlayStation exclusives that are currently on sale, such as Ghostwire Tokyo, will simply be removed from the summer sale. If you wanted to reduce it, then it’s too late.

The entire list of games is impressive, with hundreds of games enjoying various discounts during the second part of the PlayStation Summer Sale. With so many games on offer, every PlayStation fan is likely to find at least one game on their wish list that is more or less missing. So fans should keep an eye out for some of the best PlayStation games when the Summer Sale resumes.

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