New PlayStation Studios license leaked: here are the first images!

Faced with Starfield, Sony may well release its own space license to compete with Xbox and Microsoft.

What if PlayStation invited us on an adventure at the edge of the universe? This is evidenced by a potentially massive license leak, which is still kept secret. XDEV, an English studio based in Liverpool (known for its supporting work on Sackboy: A Big Adventure or the Wipeout remaster), will be in charge of this project in collaboration with another team whose identity is still unknown.

It will be a sci-fi RPG. A short video posted to Twitter over the weekend shows a video clip believed to be from the game’s development. The graphics are still in their infancy, but these images showcase a large scale environment. Also, according to this leak, the game will be described by the studio teams as “Gears of Effect”, a fusion of Gears of War and Mass Effect. Given the reputation of these two licenses, a good combination is announced.

A very distant galaxy may be hiding another

These beautiful promises are inevitably reminiscent of the promises of Bethesda and Microsoft. Starfield is still waiting, but should soon show the tip of its nose on Xbox and PC. The role-playing and adventure in space promises a grand spectacle that PlayStation players will have no choice but to walk through. So now is the perfect time for Sony and PlayStation to play on the same playing field.

Unfortunately, there is no indication that this leak is about a game that is still in development, or just a very real project. However, Sony will be very interested in offering their own space opera. After Horizon, God of War, or even Returnal, PlayStation Studios games no longer need to prove themselves. A space epic based on the experiences of the teams could prove to be a good bet to earn the respect of the players.

However, according to the leaker, new leaks of the title should appear in 2023. So to be continued. At the moment, Sony has not responded and has not removed the video: it is not easy to choose between keeping this excerpt free or removing it and confirming the leak. Pending more information on the subject, players in need of space adventures will be able to enjoy Star Wars: Jedi Survivor from March 17th.

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