New Pokémon and Converse Collaboration

Pokémon and Converse Japan are teaming up to release a new collection of stylish footwear inspired by Pokémon.

(Image credit: Pokémon/Converse)

So far, four shoe designs have been shown for each photo. A couple are based on Pikachu, another on Eevee, another on Charizard, and the last on the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo. Unfortunately, pairs are currently only advertised for Japan and are sold for ¥9900 (about 99 Canadian dollars).

The new collection is a pretty stylish look, and the Pokémon give the shoe its color without overpowering it. A small pixel art version of the Pokémon appears on the tongue of the sneakers above the regular All Star logo.

We can also see details of the Pokémon (its number, height, and weight), a bit like a Pokédex, printed next to the heel of the shoe. However, you may notice that since this is a Japanese collaboration, these prints use the original Japanese names. This means that Evie is named Eivui instead, and Charizard is named Lizardon instead.

For even more nostalgia, each pair will come with a label representing the Poké Ball associated with the chosen Pokémon. The Pikachu pair will have a regular Poké Ball, the Evie pair will have a Super Ball, the Charizard pair will have a Hyper Ball, and the Mewtwo pair will of course have a Master Ball.

To top it off, the shoes will come in a beautiful box with the Converse logo. This box will have a red lid and a white underside for the final nod to the franchise.

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