New records for LinkedIn

This is a great shape! Microsoft has published its latest results and we are obviously finding great results from the LinkedIn platform. After Covid and the turmoil in the labor market, the professional social network literally hit the mark, increasing its annual income by 34%, reaching $3.44 billion.

In recent years, activity on LinkedIn has grown almost steadily. In the last quarter, the number of active sessions increased by 22%, and the overall engagement reached an all-time high in the last eight quarters. According to the latest data from Microsoft, a good performance for an app of 810 million users.

The LinkedIn Economic Engine is an online recruiting tool. With the job market in great shape, Talent Solutions offers are in high demand. To speed it all up, the platform aims to help creators and independent users facilitate their offerings. Since the advent of covid and the rise of remote work, LinkedIn has been talking about the “Great Reshuffle” and constantly striving to improve its services.

Analyzes and profile video, the social network is expanding. The latest Career Search tool allows you to promote the necessary skills and training by connecting professional contacts and platform learning tools.

Become a staple

Although LinkedIn is already a leader, it aims to be an essential tool for everyone’s career development. It is this constant evolution and the strategy associated with it that ensures the constant growth of user engagement. Under Microsoft’s leadership, Internet users are getting an enhanced experience with Outlook, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Teams.

The platform, therefore, wins in all respects, since advertisers are more interested in it; while at the same time contributing to the growth of advertising revenue. It remains to be seen what the next goals and opportunities for LinkedIn will be.

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