New Russian submarine “Belgorod”: a platform for espionage and nuclear weapons?

The Belgorod was handed over to the Russian Navy in early July at the Russian port of Severodvinsk overlooking the White Sea in western Russia. The Mastodon of the Seas would be the longest submarine in the world at 184 meters versus 171 meters for its US Navy counterpart. This could be the starting point for a new submarine cold war, CNN reports on Saturday, July 23. According to its builder, it will be a research vessel, allowing Russia to conduct “scientific expeditions and rescue operations in the most remote areas.”

But some analysts are already presenting it as a platform for espionage and even nuclear weapons. For the latter, it will be a modified version of Russian Oscar II guided-missile submarines that has been lengthened to eventually accommodate the world’s first nuclear-armed stealth torpedoes, as well as espionage equipment.

He could throw “Poseidons”

Because the peculiarity of this huge submarine is that it will carry and can launch, according to the TASS agency, nuclear torpedoes currently being developed called Poseidon, which are supposed to be launched hundreds of kilometers away. “Unique nuclear megapillars in world history,” an American submarine expert alarmed on Navalnews last March. However, this will be a weapon in development that will not be effective until at least 2027.

But for others, the submarine will be more of a test vessel for Russia’s future Khabarovsk-class nuclear submarines, the first of which could be launched this year. It can also be a spy platform from which underwater vehicles will be sent, performing secret special missions. Are these hypotheses tangible in a context where the information and supposed strengths of each “camp” are the subject of scientific calculations and monitoring? The mystery surrounding the underwater monster is not going to be revealed.


Russia will receive a new nuclear missile submarine

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