New video game: Steelrising is currently available for pre-order from E.Lecler.

Renowned for its originality, graphics and soulful atmosphere (Elden Ring, Dark Souls…), the game promises an unparalleled adventure in the midst of the French Revolution.

Pre-order Steelrising on E.Leclerc

If the game launches on next-gen consoles and PC on September 8th, it can be pre-ordered from E.Leclerc right now. The brand guarantees that the price specified when pre-ordering will be the same when paid, thereby limiting the risk of price changes by the publisher.

The machine gun that will replace the French Revolution

The player embodies the Aegis, the automaton – or more accurately, the automaton – must end the tyranny of the clockwork king and his army. To advance in this journey, the adjustment of the skills and outfits of the heroine is taken into account. In the chapters of the story, several types of weapons and fighting techniques are especially planned.

Excellent graphics and original story

With the performance of next generation consoles and the latest PC configurations, developers are focusing on the graphics of characters, places and buildings. The era of the French Revolution, present in many video games, is modernized with a touch of originality. The main plot immerses fans of action games and role-playing games into another world, between baroque and mechanics.

Steelrising is now available to pre-order on E.Leclerc for home pickup or store pickup from its release date, September 8, 2022.

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