New World: a peak of 200,000 players for Amazon’s MMO

Game news New World: a peak of 200,000 players for Amazon’s MMO

Despite the postponements, New World is indeed preparing to be released in its final version: while it is still in beta, Amazon’s MMO is already showing very nice attendance scores …

For the moment, we cannot say that Amazon’s entry into the video game industry has been a great success: its TPS Crucible has already closed its doors and the gestation of its huge MMO The Lord of the Rings has been canceled. . Fortunately, he still has New World, a large-scale project, also an MMORPG, which seems to him to be working rather well although it has not even been released yet.

So to speak, the title launched its closed beta last July 20 on Steam and saw several peaks around 200,000 players simultaneously, with one in particular reporting 200,856 people online. Suffice to say that these are frankly encouraging results, New World then placing itself among the biggest successes of the Valve platform in terms of peak audience.

This indicates a real success for the final game, scheduled for August 31. : we remind that this beta is actually accessible only for those who have pre-ordered the title or the draws, thus guaranteeing a certain attendance during the fateful date. At least, if these adhere to the experience.

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