New World: Amazon pushes back its MMO once again

Game news New World: Amazon pushes back its MMO once again

From July 20 to August 2, players who pre-ordered the MMO New World were able to participate in a closed beta before the game launched on August 31. As usual, developers use these betas to test their mechanics and large-scale servers and then make adjustments.

Obviously, the feedback from the players was numerous, and contained enough problematic elements to lead to a new postponement of the title. Expected at the end of the month, New World will not be released worldwide until September 28. A month of delay, which should allow remove many identified bugs, and to continue polishing the title. A difficult but well-considered choice on the part of Amazon, who knows that the launch of the title and the first weeks following the release will be crucial for his future. They therefore did not wish to take any risks, and decided to give yourself extra time. The announcement was made on the game’s official website, but also on the Twitter account.

We are touched by the support New World received from players around the world during the Closed Beta. During it, over a million adventurers played over 16 million hours in total. Thanks to your support, New World has become one of the most followed games on Twitch, and one of the most played games on Steam. (…) We want the global launch of New World to be smooth and for players to have a fun experience, and that means making improvements based on what you experienced during the closed beta.

Therefore, we decided to take a few extra weeks to fix bugs, improve stability, and polish the title. New World’s new global launch date is September 28, 2021. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. We know this isn’t the first time we’ve changed the launch date to improve the quality of the game, and it can be disappointing to wait a bit longer. But we want to make sure that we are releasing the highest quality game possible. Thank you for your support and feedback. We’re listening to you, and we’ll meet up on Aerternum.

New World: Amazon pushes back its MMO once again

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