New Xbox controller Mineral Camo Blue spotted before the hour

Wondering when the next Xbox controller will be announced? The time has surely come, as the new color has just been spotted online. Its release would even be very close.

The new Xbox Camo controller is coming

This new Xbox controller model was spotted by Alumina Italia a few days ago based on data from the Microsoft store and then a thumbnail that leaves no doubt about the color. This is a new controller in camouflage style but in blue color.

We are looking for information about this controller, not yet announced by Xbox, we find an image distributed in France by Fnac, but whose product page is no longer available at the moment. To find the controller’s official image, you’ll need to travel to the other side of the Atlantic, and you can find this Xbox Mineral Camo controller on two sites, Adorama and Microplay in Canada.

While Microsoft has yet to reveal it, the release date for this Xbox Mineral Camo Blue controller has already been set for September 27th, next Tuesday. We believe an official announcement will be made at this time, but it remains to be seen if this model will be sold in Europe and France.

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