New Xbox Rumors Should Excite Xbox 360 Fans

Microsoft’s new Xbox platform rumor is meant to excite those who have played games on the Xbox 360. For a long time, Microsoft has paid great attention to making the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles backwards compatible with games from the original Xbox and Xbox 360. And although this backward compatible library runs fairly deep on current generation platforms, Microsoft has since halted efforts to add new games to the service. Luckily, it doesn’t look like this can happen for very long.

According to XboxEra podcast host Nick Baker, who has previously had accurate Xbox insider information in the past, Microsoft may be planning a final batch of backwards compatible games for the Xbox Series X and Xbox One platforms. Specifically, Baker indicated that these games would be related to Activision Blizzard and would come at a later date. Acquisition of publisher Microsoft. While Baker did not specify which games could join the Xbox’s library of backward compatible versions, it was said that Microsoft’s ownership of Activision Blizzard would make licensing much easier, so new games were added first.

One group of games that Baker says are unlikely to make it into new Xbox-compatible expansions are Marvel-related. During the Xbox 360 era, Activision released quite a few games such as Inception X-Men: Wolverine, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, and many more. Unfortunately, none of these games can be played on current Xbox devices due to licensing issues.

Based on what we’ve seen from Microsoft in the past with these new additions to the backwards compatible library, it looks like Activision games from the Xbox 360 era are likely to join the lineup. So, if you’ve played a few Activision games on Xbox 360 in the past, it’ll be easy for you to return to those games soon.

Are you excited to hear more classic Xbox games coming soon to Xbox Series X and Xbox One? And what games, in particular, do you hope to add to the backwards compatibility catalog? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me at Reliable.

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