New York State to Recheck Trump Administration Validated Vaccines

New York State does “not trust” the Trump administration and will recheck the reliability of the Covid-19 vaccines validated by Washington before distributing them to its 20 million inhabitants, Governor Andrew Cuomo said Thursday.

The Democratic governor, who accuses Donald Trump and his Republican government of having aggravated the coronavirus pandemic by their politicized management of the crisis, has indicated that he will set up a commission to supervise the distribution of vaccines.

“Is the vaccine safe? I am not going to trust the federal government, and I would not recommend it to New Yorkers based on the opinion of the federal government,” Cuomo said at a press briefing .

“When the federal government finishes its assessment and says it’s safe, we’ll set up our own assessment board … so I can look the camera in the face and tell New Yorkers that they can. get vaccinated safely “.

These statements confirm the growing climate of mistrust with regard to future vaccines in the United States. A poll released on Sept. 17 by the Pew Institute indicated that half of Americans would refuse to be vaccinated if a vaccine was available now, a percentage that has doubled since May.

Another poll, released Sept. 10 by the Kaiser Family Foundation, found that 62% of Americans were concerned about the federal government’s pressure on the drug approval authority, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to that it approves a vaccine without ensuring its efficacy and safety.

Donald Trump, who hopes to be re-elected on November 3, has been promising for several weeks the imminent arrival of a vaccine in the face of a pandemic that has killed more than 200,000 people in the United States – the heaviest toll in the world – and infected nearly seven millions of people.

Logistical preparations are underway to distribute vaccine doses as soon as ongoing clinical trials produce conclusive results.

Only one U.S. manufacturer, Pfizer, believes October is possible, but that won’t affect most Americans until April 2021, according to Trump, or even mid-2021, according to senior officials.

Proof that the political climate is explosive, Mr. Cuomo and the Democratic Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, also called Thursday for a congressional inquiry into the “politicized” management of this crisis by the Trump administration.

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