New Zealand: tsunami warning across Pacific after earthquake

A tsunami warning across the Pacific region was issued Friday after a magnitude 8.1 earthquake near the Kermadec, uninhabited Pacific islands that are part of New Zealand.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC), located in Hawaii, has warned that waves up to three meters high can hit Vanuatu and the French territory of New Caledonia.

This organization added that smaller waves were as likely to reach countries as far from the epicenter of the earthquake as Japan, Russia and Mexico, as well as the shores of South America.

The New Zealand emergency services have ordered the evacuation of coastal areas over long stretches of northern New Zealand (the North Island), after this apparently unsuccessful earthquake of victims and which occurred a thousand kilometers away, according to the American observatory USGS.

“People (being) near the coast in the following areas must immediately move to the nearest heights, out of all evacuation areas, or as far inland as possible,” ordered the National Emergency Management Agency.

“Don’t stay at home!” She warned.

The earthquake, which occurred at 8:28 a.m. local time (7:28 p.m. GMT Thursday), was preceded by tremors of 7.4 and 6.9 in the same region.

Its magnitude was initially estimated at 7.8.

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