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ORCHARD PARK, NEW YORK. Joe Mixon and the Cincinnati Bengals think they should be treated with more respect. Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills have plenty to motivate in a season where adversity has been overcome.

The two teams met three weeks ago in Cincinnati, only to decide their clash couldn’t continue after Damar Hamlin’s safety went into cardiac arrest and he was resuscitated on the field. On Sunday, they have a lot to prove in their second-round knockout showdown.

It was simply encouraging for the Bills to see Hamlin regularly at their facilities throughout the week. In addition, the Buffalo team believe they have a proven track record and believe they can overcome any remaining hurdles to meet their Super Bowl expectations.

“I think it gives you a stronger base. According to Allen, the more adversity there is during the season, the stronger it makes you. This year we have gone through some really weird situations that not many teams have gone through. To have this at hand to understand the emotions in these situations, we’ll just try to use it to our advantage. »

The Billies survived two winter storms that disrupted their schedule, mourned the death of Dawson’s younger brother Knox Luke in August, and rallied in support of their community following a shooting that killed 10 blacks at a Buffalo supermarket in May.

Hamlin’s collapse and recovery are the most recent and most personal situations Billy has faced.

In Cincinnati, Mixon could speak for all the Bengalis, expressing his dissatisfaction with his team getting a shorter stick end from the NFL.

Already annoyed that the Bengals were at a disadvantage in the AFC standings and couldn’t finish higher than third, Mixon added another tidbit to it this week when the NFL began selling tickets for a possible matchup between the Bills and Kansas. City Chiefs. This eventual conference final will take place in Atlanta.

“Honestly, it’s disrespectful,” Mixon said after the NFL’s decision to play at a neutral venue was made when the Bills (13-3) ended the season in the Chiefs’ (14-3) half.

The Bengals (12-4) were sidelined despite beating the Chiefs this season, and they squandered their chance to overtake Bill in the standings after their game was called off.

Instead, the conference final featuring the Bengals and Chiefs will be played in Kansas City.

“Doesn’t matter,” Mixon said. We have a game on Sunday, don’t we? You cannot consider us defeated. We will take to the field and do our best to win. »

As if the Bengals needed more motivation, the Bills are the favorites for Sunday’s game.

“We know we are the defending champions of America. So our team has an advantage. “We’re not outsiders to anyone,” said Bengals head coach Zach Taylor. I think that’s the feeling we’ve had throughout the season. We really don’t care what other people say about us.

“We know we deserve to be on the court against every team in the NFL. »

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