NFT and real estate enrich Tezos XTZ cryptocurrencies!

Excellent performance for Tezos XTZ protocol

Another great performance for Tezos XTZ. This protocol is one of the best markets to wait and see in a day, after the announcement of fake news from China about the opening of the electricity market disrupted the overall market capitalization of the sector.

New announcements for the protocol that have once again attracted investors who have traded heavily on Tezos in recent hours, with trading volumes for the corresponding token among the highest in the entire market.

Good performance for Tezos analytics specialists in extraordinary health for the XTZ token.

Many announcements for Tezos – this is what is happening in the protocol

The news of the last hours regarding Tezos, have been released several, with new sources of income not in terms of technology, but in terms of the specific use of this blockchain.

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Thai real estate in Tezos

Thailand real estateThailand real estate

XSpring Digital has just forged the SiriHub investment token, which will allow investments, even fractional ones, in real estate projects in… Thailand. This will be the first ICO for a cryptocurrency backed by capital invested in real estate. A project that, according to Tezos experts, is already arousing great interest from investors. For now, the token is valued at the Siri campus office, where the headquarters of SIRI, a publicly traded company, is located.

This is just one of the projects that are making headlines in the financial newspapers of the Tezos network, which, although relatively discreet, is taking giant steps in this sector.

Still with respect to NFT, growth volumes in use are recorded.

This is a great sign, given that it is one of the strongest sectors and should continue to be among those experiencing the greatest transfer of value.

In this sense, in its own way, Tezos is off to a relatively smooth start, at least in the stock market. Less visibility for cryptocurrencies in specialized media than other protocols like Ethereum, but not only. A very good sign, however, in terms of volumes, for those who have already invested in the protocol and for those who plan to do so now, while the price remains affordable, especially in the future.

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Some technical analysis notes on Tezos: how will it evolve in the next few hours?

In addition to the news from the concrete and effective use of the protocol, it will be good to analyze what the technical analysis tools have to offer, which we have calibrated in the time horizon of 1 week.

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Moving averages

Clear and strongly bullish moving averages, which do not indicate uncertainty about the continuation of the bull run that started today. However, along with strong price increases, it is good to compare the MA with what the oscillators indicate on the contrary.


Here too, the picture is unequivocal – everything is green and therefore indicates significant uptrends for XTZ and the protocol it supports. For those entering the market now for Tezos, the outlook looks very bright.

xtz tezos graphicsxtz tezos graphics

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