NHL 21: Miviens and his team advance to the Maple Leafs tournament grand finale RDS Video Games

Miviens and his team won the PS4 console final of the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL 21 tournament this weekend.

The team made up of miviens, BoilyHp, Foolx90, Geimer, Promoe and MyLittleRevvy has thus secured a gain of $ 4,500 at the end of the competition, in addition to a ticket for the grand final, which will take place against the team. winner on Xbox One, on February 26th.

Recall that the qualifying rounds on Xbox One will begin on February 2 and will take place until 14. A draft among the top 20 1v1 players will then be held on February 16 to form four 6v6 teams. The console final, which will determine who will accompany Miviens and his teammates in the grand finale, will take place on February 19.

The team that wins the Grand Final will get their hands on $ 12,000, or $ 3,500 per player.

Matches are broadcast on Maple Leafs Gaming’s Twitch channel.

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