Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds rethinks its business model and distribution of its crypto assets

Some in-game currencies of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds can be converted into NKT, a cryptocurrency token. Balancing the economy of the game and what develops outside of the game has proven to be a time consuming task, and Netmarble is making changes to the “play to earn” model of its mobile MMO.

We know the main problem with play-to-earn models: they involve reconciling both the economy that develops in the game universe (with its game stakes) and the one that unfolds outside the game (with real financial stakes). Obviously, this is the problem that Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds will have to face.

As we know, the game has an in-game currency (territes), which is used to develop your character, upgrade equipment, develop your pets or practice crafts, but which can also be converted into “territe tokens” (NKT), a cryptocurrency. – an asset traded on the MARBLEX platform. Golden territories can be earned through gameplay, such as completing quests or fighting bosses.
The problem is easy to understand: some players play for the sake of the game, while others in the hope of financial gain. Therefore, speculators tend to farm game zones (and some apparently use bots to accumulate territories more quickly) and massively accumulate currency. As a result, the in-game economy goes awry, and Territic tokens (cryptocurrency) quickly depreciate.

Netmarble is clearly aware of the issue and is therefore announcing the rollout of a patch aimed at better regulating the use of Territes. From now on, two currencies will be available in the game: bound territories, which can be earned through quests and animations, and which can only be used to develop your character (you cannot convert them to NKT), and free territories, which can be converted to NKT, but you can earn only in in-game instances and arenas, more for high-level players.

The developer clarifies that it will now be easier for players to progress in the game, but above all, fewer territories from the game will be converted to NKT, which will preserve the value of the token. We also understand that speculators will have a less easy life and that the financial gain will be reserved for the most invested players. As players adapt this new approach to the Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds “play to earn” model, we will remember that finding the right balance between in-game currency and cryptocurrency is certainly an art. .


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