Night Life Crypto Making Blockchain Gaming More Attractive and Profitable

Blockchain gaming is one of the spaces happening in the crypto industry as projects attempt to address various shortcomings that are prevalent in mainstream gaming. The current breed of blockchain games have been successful so far, but they still leave a lot to be desired. An innovative project, Night Life Crypto is changing all that by creating a new standard for blockchain gaming that could go hand in hand with traditional video game titles.

What is Night Life Crypto?

Night Life Crypto is a blockchain gaming ecosystem powered by native NLIFE tokens on Binance Smart Chain and Turtle Network. Operated by Night Life Labs Ltd, the project is working on the creation of on-chain AAA-style arcade games and platformers.

The majority of blockchain games in the market today are limited to gambling, NFT collectible card games, and others with highly simplified gameplay involving minimal player interaction. These issues, combined with other common crypto gambling issues faced by on-chain gambling, such as lack of transparency and confidence in the scarcity of in-game NFT crypto assets, cost of transactions (in especially on the widely used Ethereum protocol), slow trading times and lack of meaningful rewards have left players begging for more. In such a scenario, there is no significant competition between chain play and traditional play, despite the advantages of the latter.

As the user base for chain games continues to grow at a snail’s pace, Night Life Crypto is creating a new generation of blockchain games that match traditional game offerings in terms of quality and user engagement. Night Life may as well be the first project of its kind to bring AAA arcade games to the blockchain that are transparent, trustworthy, secure, economical, private and most importantly, offer a great user experience. The platform operates on two blockchains, BSC for NLIFE transactions, while in-game blockchain interactions are handled by Turtle Network. In doing so, Night Life Crypto guarantees free in-game transactions. Meanwhile, the open-source and easily verifiable nature of the infrastructure combined with the Verifiable Random Function (VRF) for the generation of random numbers as part of the Commit and Reveal provability scheme guarantees fairness for all games in the ecosystem.

Also, to ensure the uniqueness of the ecosystem, the platform assigns NFTs to achievements, to which each game on the platform has 5 unique ones that users can achieve. These NFTs can be traded with others or submitted to the platform to win prizes. In this way, Night Life Crypto maintains the scarcity of NFT assets with the ecosystem.

NLIFE and DeFi

Playing on the Night Life Crypto blockchain ecosystem isn’t just about winning awards for achievements. Ecosystem participants can also win even without playing by using DeFi features powered by NLIFE. Token holders can participate in yield farming and cash mining by staking NLIFE on Pancakeswap. The NLIFE liquidity bet on Pancakeswap will win a portion of the fees generated by all transfer fees (buying, selling and sending, except sending to / from the NLIFE platform).

Although NLIFE tokens are available for purchase and sale on BSC-based Pancakeswap, they can be used seamlessly on the Layer-2 Turtle network without having to own BNB to fund these transactions. The platform allows users to pay gas fees in NLIFE instead of BNB when they opt out of the platform, making it easier for them to focus on gaming instead of worrying about management. of several currencies. The NLIFE wallet on the Night Life Crypto ecosystem is non-custodial, where only the user controls the start phrase and therefore the funds stored in it.

Coming soon…

Night Life Crypto is preparing to launch its first game, Prop Pirates – a game filled with excitement, hilarity and overall fun based on the critically acclaimed Prop Hunt genre, originally as a mod for Counterstrike, but also like other games like Call of Duty which built on the model. In addition, a Deck Building collectible card game is also in the works which will feature heavy use of NFTs and regular tournaments hosted by the platform to allow players to compete against each other and win exciting prizes.

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