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Image copyright has been an issue for many years, but we hope that thanks to Nikon’s development team, this solution will become an understanding for photographers. At Adobe MAX 2022, Nikon will be demonstrating a unique camera prototype equipped with image provenance technology in the form of a specially equipped Nikon Z 9 camera with provenance technology developed by the Content Authentication Initiative (CAI).

A demonstration of the new technology will take place this year at the Adobe MAX 2022 Creativity Conference from October 1820, 2022 (PST)/October 1921, 2022 (JST). Where the Adobeled community will provide insight into global efforts to promote the adoption of secure digital content origin and attribution data to counter the spread of misinformation.

“In recent years, there has been an increase in misinformation, plagiarism and copyright infringement, all of which can be attributed to falsification and unauthorized use of images. Nikon believes that protecting individuals and businesses in the imaging industry, and society as a whole, from the adverse effects of these activities is a global concern. In October 2021, Nikon became the first camera manufacturer to join two organizations, CAI and C2PA, to protect the rights of digital origin and attribution content creators and consumers.”

Image source Nikon

“Nikon is currently developing a feature that supports the verification of the authenticity of images by adding information about their sources and provenance. Facilitating the detection of image fraud and misuse, as well as fact checking, which traditionally requires a lot of time, effort and money, will help protect images from misuse.”

“Nikon will continue its efforts to address issues related to image fraud and unauthorized use by further developing its Image Origin Detection feature. In addition, Nikon will further advance the culture of imaging by working to create a society in which creators, publishers and the media can freely pursue their creative and business activities.”

Source: Nikon

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