Nintendo: new victory against piracy

Business news Nintendo: new victory against piracy

Launched in 2019, Nintendo’s lawsuit against RomUniverse ended today with the end of the lawsuit. Matthew Storman, the site’s former founder, has been declared a loser and must pay damages.

In 2019, Big N sued Matthew Storman and his RomUniverse site. The latter offered free ROMs, pirated versions of the games. In exchange for a premium subscription, these users could then download unlimited titles from the site’s library., this one including 3DS games but also Nintendo Switch. From then on, Big N filed a complaint against Storman for copyright infringement and unfair competition, while seeking $ 15 million in damages : “It is purely simply a case of video game piracy. The physical evidence is indisputable.“Despite the closure of RomUniverse last July, the trial was held. It ended last week in California, and the Japanese giant was granted 1.7 million euros in damages. Uncompromising when it comes to intellectual property, Nintendo has once again lived up to its reputation.

Source : Torrent Freak (1 and 2)

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