Nintendo: no more nudity in adult games!

Game news Nintendo: no more nudity in adult games!

Published on 06/10/2022 at 18:30

In this daily’s program of October 06, 2022, we begin with the approval of the Brazilian regulator regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Then Nintendo cracks down on nudity and hentai games, and the Rings of Power series could have ended up on Netflix. Every day, let’s go!

Nintendo is fighting nudity in video games!

The Nintendo Switch will appeal to players who love family games and has its own store: the online store. Outside developers can offer their games, as is the case with publisher Gamuzumi, which releases games for adults. However, the latest Hot Tentacles Shoot title fails for Nintendo due to uncensored boobs and lewd content. The policy of the online store has noticeably changed: games for adults have been censored. So hentai publishers will have to censor their games if they want to be able to continue offering them on the Nintendo hybrid.

Acquisition of Activision Blizzard moving forward!

RedemptionActivision Blizzard a lot has been said. With a key of $68.7 billion, this becomes the largest buyout in history. Activision is the number one publisher with a fairly large catalog, and some fear a monopoly, particularly on the Call of Duty license. The takeover has yet to be confirmed, but progress is starting to occur thanks to the confirmation of the deal by the Brazilian regulator. This deal will boost sales of Xbox consoles and will not hinder PlayStation, which is already very well established in its catalog and its consoles. Thus, from a competitive point of view, the takeover is not a problem: it has been confirmed.

Rings of Power could be on Netflix!

Series Rings of Power series to watch right now on Amazon Prime Video. If the series covers events that have never been adapted for cinema, and this is not the only thing that has been proposed in the Tolkien universe. The information comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says other SVOD giants have tried their luck. We find HBO with a remake of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Netflix also offers several series, one of which is dedicated to Gandalf and the other to Aragorn. But everything was denied.

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