Nintendo. ‘Super Mario’ movie will not be released before 2023

Shigeru Miyamoyo himself announces this via Nintendo’s Twitter account: the next animated Super Mario movie is being delayed until 2023. The feature film was originally planned for the following holiday season.

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“My most sincere apologies, but I promise you it will be worth it,” adds the creator of Mario, a character dubbed by Hollywood star Chris Pratt.

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This refers to the date April 7, 2023 for North America and April 28, 2023 for Japan. The new deadline has been set in consultation with Chris Meledandri, director of animation studio Illumination, which you know at least from their films Minions or Moche and the Mechanic.

“Sonic”, “Uncharted”: video game movies became a hit

Video game adaptations for the big screen are on the rise. Sonic, Sega’s blue hedgehog and former pixel rival Marion, is doing a great job in darkrooms as Sonic 2 is slowly approaching $300 million at the box office. The adventures of young Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) in the film “Uncharted” at the end of the operation should recapture about 400 million from him.

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While waiting for a new cinematic adaptation of the Nintendo hero, why not discover Mario Bros. : The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach!, an animated film released in 1986 and recently restored thanks to the hard work of fans?


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