Nintendo Switch: a remake of a big game for PlayStation will be released this year

The Nintendo Switch will soon get the right to remake the old PlayStation exclusive. A very popular tactical game outside of our borders.

If many Japanese games manage to cross borders these days, there was a time when they didn’t. Many games for Sega, PlayStation and others, unfortunately, never saw the light of day here. Except we’re living in 2023, and the magic of remakes means that from now on, Westerners also have the right to discover little old-school nuggets that would elude their radar.
Tactical games and mech lovers, get ready to welcome a new tactical RPG very popular in Japan to Nintendo Switch soon.

Nintendo Switch offers tactical RPG

Previously exclusive to PlayStation, this is a remake of Front Mission 2, coming this year to Nintendo Switch. A large tactical game originally released in 1997 that never had a chance to present itself to Westerners. But that’s ancient history now, as this time the Squaresoft title is back from the dead in a brand new remake for the Nintendo console.
If Front Mission 2 is new to us, then the franchise is not. The 2000s did see a few games pop up, the most recent entry in the franchise obviously being Front Mission 1 Remake, which released last year on Switch. Prior to this, we also had the right to Left Alive, a spin-off that unfortunately missed the boat entirely in 2019 on PS4 and PC.

Therefore, Front Mission 2 Remake has a lot to do to restore the image of the license a bit and, above all, to present it to neophytes. This episode is a tactical game where you control various mechs that you can upgrade and equip with a whole arsenal of weapons. The game promises to be very strategic and will definitely appeal to fans of old-fashioned tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics. According to rumors, the latter should also soon receive the right to a remake.

Therefore, Front Mission 2 Remake is expected from June 12 on Nintendo Switch. It will bring with it several upgrades. The graphics will be completely redesigned, the gameplay will be improved (especially the camera), and the music will be rewritten on the go.

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