Nintendo Switch Pro: release date, price, 4K …

[SWITCH PRO] The new Switch, more powerful and with 4K resolution, could be released at the end of 2021. Update on this console not yet officialized by Nintendo.

The new Switch, also called Switch Pro although its name is not yet confirmed, is Nintendo’s next console, expected at the end of the year. It should be an updated version of the Nintendo Switch that would keep the same principle of a console both portable and home, but allow to play games in 4K resolution, against 720p for the Switch today. ‘hui. New features are also to be expected in portable mode, since the Switch Pro would benefit from a larger 7-inch screen (against 6.2 inches for the classic Switch). The release of the Switch Pro has so far not been confirmed by Nintendo, but only supported by several press inquiries. Otherwise, when presenting its financial results On May 6, 2021, Nintendo explained that the Switch was only halfway through its lifecycle and that it was “necessary to invest in the next platform”, without providing further details. The release of a new console at the end of the year would in any case make sense for Nintendo, because faced with the impressive performance of the new competing consoles, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, the Switch is starting to lag behind in technology, in particular in terms of image resolution and power.

The Switch Pro release date is currently estimated at the end of 2021. Be careful, however, delays in the development of the console could push this date back even further. In addition, the technology industry is currently facing a shortage of certain components essential to the manufacture of consoles. These problems will have to be resolved to allow the Switch Pro to be available in large quantities and thus avoid the same stock problems as the PS5.

According to an investigation by the Japanese economic daily Nikkei, which confirms the preparation of a Switch Pro by Nintendo, the company aims for a production of 30 million Switch over the fiscal year March 2021-March 2022. This is five million more than last year and an all-time high for a console in its fifth year of life. This indicates Nintendo’s confidence in a very strong demand for the Switch until March 2022. Which could also convince the company to wait a little longer before releasing the Switch Pro, if its sales do not fall in the face of the competition. new generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

The Switch Pro should be able to display games in 4K resolution like its rivals Xbox and Playstation, but only when connected to a display in home console mode. It should keep the same 720p display in handheld console mode. According to Bloomberg, this resolution is achieved thanks to Nvidia’s technology based on artificial intelligence, Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), an algorithm that can display 4k images from a lower quality signal. It is therefore a much cheaper method in terms of components than to equip the console natively with a 4K video signal. However, developers will need to add a piece of computer code to their games to allow them to be displayed in 4K on the Switch Pro. This means that games already released will not be able to benefit from this better resolution. The method would in any case allow Nintendo to run the new Switch games both on the classic Switch and on the Switch Pro.

Since the Switch Pro hasn’t even been confirmed by Nintendo, its official price is unknown. However, it is certain that the console will cost more than the current Switch, marketed around 299 euros. Financial analysts polled by Bloomberg anticipate a price between 350 and 400 dollars (which should be the same in euros).

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