Nintendo Switch references found in “Nier Replicant”

It took a little over a month for a dataminer to uncover some interesting details in the programming code for ‘Nier Replicant’, which have direct references to the Nintendo Switch console (although they are an “exclusive PlayStation” 4),

The user shared via Reddit, noting that this data appears as options for ‘NX’, a code name that was used for the Nintendo Switch during its development, which has led to believe that this could be an indication. of the arrival of “Nier Replicant” At said platform.

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The dataminer points out about these files: “Through data mining, it is possible to dig references to predefined graphics files NX (codenamed Switch), thus giving credibility to the original rumor. . This is something that, so far, officials of “Nier Replicant” have not officially responded.

The arrival of “Nier Replicant” on the Nintendo Switch has been the subject of rumors for months after a link to Amazon emerged indicating the game’s arrival on this console with a supposed release date, which has was quickly eliminated.

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Square Enix has launched “Nier Replicant ver. 1.22474487139 ”(official name of the game). This is a new version of the title directed by Japanese developer Yoko Taro, released eleven years ago with a completely different version for the Western market. This is a restoration (with graphic and mechanical improvements) of the Japanese edition.

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